How US Citizens Can Get Vietnam Visa – Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

A VISA to Vietnam can be applied for via mail or face to face at the Embassy of Vietnam as soon as a half year preceding the date of movement. The candidate should submit: Unique PASSPORT which expects no less than multi month legitimacy earlier the date of exit from Vietnam. In earnest cases, a free leaf-visa can be mentioned, then, at that point, a duplicate of identification photograph and individual detail pages might be submitted rather than the first identification. Application structure: The structure should be finished, marked and joined with 01 unique photograph 2x 2in. In the event of a free leaf-visa demand, 01 extra photograph should be stapled to the structure. Assuming that the candidate has proactively got a visa endorsement she/he might compose the reference number on the upper right of the structure. In the event that the candidate does not have visa endorsement, simply leave visa endorsement number clear. Additional handling expenses for visa endorsement might be required.

Vietnam Visa

Visa expenses should be as MONEY ORDER, or CASHIER’S CHECK, or CERTIFIED CHECK payable to THE EMBASSY OF VIETNAM. Applicants applying together may submit consolidated installment in one cash request. A prepaid return envelope, assuming the candidate demands the visa be returned via mail. Kindly use USPS Express Mail or Fedex. Kindly do not utilize UPS or DHL. Candidates applying together may give one envelope to visas to be gotten back to a similar location. Strategic and official visas will be conceded GRATIS except if in any case settled upon among Vietnam and the candidate’s country. Notwithstanding the reports determined in me tourist visa vietnam the candidate should present a note verbal or an authority letter from the pertinent offices of the US Government, Embassies or Consulates certify to the United States, and global associations.

Handling Time: Five work days are expected to deal with visa applications with endorsement Assisted handling expects one to two work days after the Embassy has gotten the application extra charge required. Note: Please keep the following quantities of the envelopes to and from the Embassy. At the point when the above cutoff times have elapsed, utilize the following number to check with the mailing administration first. Kindly do not make phone asks on the situation with your application ensure that you keep your identification number for this solicitation until after the third work day for a facilitated case and the seventh work day for a customary case.